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What to wear to a Medieval Rush Mud Run

What to Wear to a Mud Run

So you have decided to attend you first mud run but you are not sure what to wear.


Clydesdale King explains what to wear to get the most out of your event.


Medieval Rush as well as 95% of all Mud/Obstacle races have a costume division.  Not only that, it usually pays the same as the first place runner!  So if you know you are not going to be the first overall, then get your friends together and get creative with a fantastic costume.  $250 will buy you a lot of post race BEER.  If you can’t drink that much, find me, I can help you do it!


You have to protect your skin from the heat and sun.  I know, you think the mud layer on your body will protect you from the harmful beat down you skin is going to take.  Nope.  Nice try.

Get yourself some good “sport” sunscreen that will still work even after you go wading through the water that is inevitably on the course.  Plus it is good afterwards when you are enjoying the post party.

Light Clothing

Remember the last time you got caught in a rain storm and were soggy for an hour?  You are going to get soaked at Medieval Rush.  Cotton is the biggest culprit.  While cotton is usually a great wear when running, it isn’t at a mud run.  Choose something lighter that won’t hold so much fluid (or mud.)  Afterall, water adds eight pounds for every gallon you have on you… not to mention the dirt also.


Wear a pair of shoes that you are not that attached to and won’t cause you anxiety for destroying them.

Furthermore, plan on the sensation of running with bricks on your feet!  However, you can reduce this uncomfortable feeling by at least wearing ankle socks.

No!  Don’t go sock-less!  You are going to get wet feet, sand, dirt, grime in your shoes which are all the ingredients for blisters and a bad memory!  We want you to have a great time and keep coming back because we like dirty people… That reminds me of a joke…  Nevermind, remind me at the Medieval Rush and I will tell it to you.


Seriously, this is the big tip for the women out there.  Especially since statistics show that over 60% of participants at Mud Runs are female we wanna look out for you!


No it is not some perverted set up devised to support the Medieval theme.  (They didn’t shave back then anyway.)  We suggest shaving your legs before these events because you will be climbing, crawling, wading through all sorts of obstacles that include fire, barbed wire and gritty mud.

There is a good chance that you will scrape, cut or get an abrasion.  These things will heal through the miracle of scabs.  Which means you won’t be shaving again until they are healed.  Plan ahead…  Just sayin’


Eh, I’ve seen people wear them to these events because they think it helps them hold onto the ropes and not lose their engagement rings in the water.  I don’t think there is that much of an advantage.  If you have trouble with ropes, get some help from your fellow Rushers.


Seriously?  No, I just put that there to see if anyone would actually read this far.

Medieval Rush has medieval fighting at all of their events so we leave the armor to those guys.  If you haven’t seen them fight yet, you are going to be amazed!


See you in the Mud Pit!