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Q & A

How do I sign up ? Back to Top

Click on our Registration Page per location – Click here

What do I get with my registration fee for the Run?Back to Top

  • Medieval Experience
  • Medieval number
  • You could win $150
  • You get to be a good Medieval and help a Charity
  • Medieval Dance Party in Mud
  • Good times with Medieval Friends
  • Chance to prove you have what it takes to Go Medieval
  • Medieval Stories to Tell
  • A feeling of wanting more Medieval Action

Refunds?Back to Top

Nope. Sorry Medievals there are no refunds for the Run.

Am I able to transfer my registration to someone else?Back to Top

If you absolutely must, you can transfer your registration up until 6 weeks before the event. But it is entirely up to you to get money from the person you want to transfer your registration to. The transferred registration can only be transferred for the same location, wave time and price amount you initially signed up for. You can’t transfer the registration to a different race time or location. Fill out this form and E-mail it to us at tanner@medievalrush.com downloaded here

What about the Weather? Back to Top

What about it? What if it rains dragons and lizards? The Run will be muddier and so will the Medieval Mud Dance Party! Hey! Go Medieval!!!

Is there a deadline to sign up for the RUN and other events?Back to Top

Take a look at each locations specific registration page.

The Wave Time I want to race in is sold out.  Can I still get in?Back to Top

No worries about Wave Times! This year we all Take off Together Medieval Style at 10:30 AM SHARP!

Can I register for the run on the day of the event?Back to Top

You can but the price is high ($120) and it is only while supplies last..

Do we take registrations by mail?Back to Top

Nope. We only accept registrations through the online registration.

Can I come just to watch?Back to Top

OHHH YEAHHH!  You can come as a spectator and GO Medieval for the Day!!  You can dress up with a costume, eat food, drink beer, encourage friends, and take in all the events of the day plus Just Go Medieval!!!!

Parking?Back to Top


When should I get there the day of the event?Back to Top

You should be at the Opening Ceremony! If you cannot you should arrive at least 1 ½ hours before your race time. There will be a lot of Medievals coming to the conquering grounds. Remember your number, timer chip, change of clothes if you must, Extra Cash, Photo ID and your Medieval Ways!

When do I get my Packet?Back to Top

Each event location has its own specific Pre Packet pick up location the day before the event.  You will also be able to pick up your packet the day of the event at the Packet Pick Up tent before the festival entrance. You will need your personal ID and fully completed-signed waiver form.  Medievals under the age of 18 must have a guardian sign off on waiver form. NO packets will be mailed.

Do I need to bring a signed waiver at packet pick up?Back to Top

Yes you do. If you forget there will be forms there to fill out, but to make your packet pick up faster download it here.

Can I pick up my friend or family members Packet?Back to Top

Yes, but you have to have these items:
1. The friend or family member’s photo ID.  Driver’s license is the best.
2. A letter from friend or family member stating you are picking up their Packet.  Signed.
3. A signed and dated copy of the participant waiver form downloaded here.

What Do I need to Bring?Back to Top

  • Your Photo ID
  • Good footwear is recommended. You will get Medieval
  • Water bottle to refill
  • Cash
  • Extra Cash for Food, Beer, and Medieval Swag
  • Medieval Ways
  • A Costume would be good, preferable Medieval.
  • Friends to Party with and one who doesn’t party to drive you home

What should I NOT Bring?Back to Top

  • No outside alcoholic beverages. For Sure!
  • No real Medieval Weapons and/or firearms.  Seriously.
  • No glass containers.  Let’s be Safe and Medieval.
  • No bare feet.

*These will be enforced by security*

I have a question about the run, should I contact the venue?Back to Top

Please do not contact the venue.  Look through these questions here and if your question isn’t answered contact us by E-mail tanner@medievalrush.com 

What should I wear?Back to Top

Whatever you would like as long as you are appropriately covered and it doesn’t injure any other Medievals.

Can I wear a costume?Back to Top

OHHH YEAHHH!  Preferably Medieval.

Can I run the event in my costume?Back to Top

OHHH YEAHHH!  As long as you are appropriately covered and it doesn’t injure any other Medievals.

Can I run barefoot?Back to Top

Nope. Your feet are precious.

Is there drinking water for the runners?Back to Top

Yes, before, during and after.

Will there be food?Back to Top

You Serious?  There will be tons of food to eat and feed the Medieval Monster inside of you.  Beer too!

Will there be beer?Back to Top


Can I bring my pet?Back to Top

The only animal allowed is the Medieval Beast inside of you.   We also allow Service Animals on the property for those who are in need of them.

Are there bathrooms there?Back to Top

What do you think? Yes.

How old do I need to before the run?Back to Top

14.  Runners under age 18 must have the participation waiver signed by a parent prior to receiving their race pack. We also have a kids course for ages 8-13.

Awards?Back to Top

  • Best Run Time for Overall Male: $150
  • Best Run Time for Overall Female: $150

*FYI Winnings maybe paid out in $1 dollar bills-You will have to win and see!
**If a winner is currently a high school or college athlete, they may defer their winnings to a foundation of their liking.

When will the awards be given out?Back to Top

When the last person from the last way crosses the finish line.

The Party? When does it start and when is it over?
Back to Top

Whenever you want it to! There will be a gathering at The TAP in TAVERN 601 Memorial Hwy, Bismarck ND 58504 just a few blocks away from the Community Bowl after the event!!!

Clean Up?  Do you really want to?Back to Top

If you must, there will be an area to hose down to get the Mud and Medieval off.  Sorry, No Showers,  just a hose down area.  You know, Medieval Style!

What is Medieval Rush?Back to Top

The Largest and one of the BEST 5k Mud Runs in the Midwest!!!

Should you do this?Back to Top

Yes because you will probably regret it if you don’t.  You don’t have to run the course you can walk it and do the obstacles, get muddy, have fun, sweat a little and have a good time with Medievals.

How long is the run?Back to Top

It is roughly a 5kish run.  It could take you anywhere between 30 min to 1 ½ hours.

Will Medieval Rush be to hard for me?Back to Top

Medieval Rush is Medieval.  Hard? Yes. Impossible? No. A great time?  You know it will be.  Don’t say I should have run, sign up and have a Medieval Time!

How do I know what my time was?Back to Top

This is a timed event. We will be Utilizing the Giant BSC Community Bowl Scoreboard to keep Track of the Time! Remember everyone Leaves together! First one male and female to finish take home The Goods!

How long do I have to complete the course?Back to Top

All the time you want.  If you want to bypass an obstacle you can just walk around it.  If you bypass an obstacle you can’t win the prize.  It should be no longer than 2 hours.

Can a person help me over the obstacle if I can’t do it?Back to Top

You bet!  But you won’t be able to win the prize.  If you feel uncomfortable with an obstacle simply walk around it.

What if I don’t swim?Back to Top

You can still participate.  If you would like you can bring a life vest, but most water obstacles will not be over 4.5ft in depth

Is Medieval Rush Safe?Back to Top

Participating in Medieval Rush and its events is a Risk, please participate at your own risk. There will be medical personnel on site and an ambulance in case of an emergency.

Do I need to be in great Medieval shape to do this?Back to Top

Medieval Rush is Fun but Challenging.  You don’t have to be in Medieval Elite Shape to do this.  Hey Go Medieval!!!!

Can my spectators take photos of participants?Back to Top

You Bet!  Best Place?  Finish Line Row!  Spectators will not have access to the entire course.

How can we hook up with Medieval Rush for our Charity?Back to Top

E-mail us tanner@medievalrush.com

How do I become a Medieval Rush Volunteer?Back to Top

Help is good.  Go Medieval with us as a Volunteer!  E-mail us your contact information and we will contact you 2 weeks prior to your area event.  You might even get to wear a costume.  No promises though.  tanner@medievalrush.com
Please email us a sound/video track at music@rebelrace.com no less than two months before the event you want to play at.

I am from the media and want to cover the event. How do I get in?Back to Top

Please E-mail us tanner@medievalrush.com from you work E-mail and we will get you in.  If you want to put Medieval Rush on TV, in the newspaper or in a magazine, that will get you in free! 

How can my company become a Sponsor?Back to Top

E-mail us tanner@medievalrush.com and let us know how you would like to contribute. 

I want Medieval Rush to come to my Town.  Who do I talk to?Back to Top

E-mail us tanner@medievalrush.com and let’s talk.  More Medieval Locations are coming!  It might be your town.

I heard about the street team.  What is it and how do I get on it?Back to Top

The street team promotes the event.  They hand out promotional items and talk about the event.  The day of the event they become some of our head volunteers.  E-mails us if you want to be on the street team tanner@medievalrush.com

Didn’t answer your question?Back to Top

Please contact us at tanner@medievalrush.com 

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