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Bring Your Friends to Medieval Rush

Posted: Friday, June 14th, 2013
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For a more enjoyable experience in Obstacle or Mud Running events, bring your friends along and work together through the obstacles.

One of the fears the stops people from attending events like Medieval Rush is that they may not be able to get over some of the obstacles.  So how do you accomplish this?  Run as a team and assist each other over the walls and up the various rope events.  Afterall, in most cases, Mud Run events only award the top Male and Female overall.


So what is your hurry?  Attend with friends and work together to get through all the obstacles!

I remember my first Mud Run in Arizona.  I was already running with a bad calf muscle that I had injured three days earlier playing tennis.  I attended the event by myself because that is how I always competed in normal running events.  At the first obstacle requiring me to jump off that bad leg, I injured it further and hobbled for the next six miles attempting to protect my calf and still enjoy the event.

Had I had a team with me, I could have used support to get over some of the obstacles and possibly not have injured my leg further.

Since my first Mud Run event, I have done the rest with friends.  It is much more fun laughing together at each obstacle.

If your competitive nature won’t allow you to not compete at something, consider some of the other ways you can “win” at these events.  For example most Mud Runs, including Medieval Rush have Best Costume competitions.  I’ve seen others such as:  Longest Beard, Biggest Team, Youngest/Oldest competitor.

Medieval Rush has a Tug of War,  Arm Wrestling, Tomato Toss Stone Throw for the competitor that really needs to be in game mode.

The following video is a perfect example of four friends working together to get through a difficult course…

Mud Running With the Support of Friends

So don’t let fear of fitness or the obstacles stop you from doing Medieval Rush.

Grab some friends and we will see you in the MUD!

Go Medieval!

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