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Bismarck, ND


July 6th 2013


Missouri Valley Fairgrounds

3805 E Bismarck Expressway

Bismarck, ND 58504

*Right In City Limits


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Bismarck/Mandan, ND Medieval Rush

  • $55 until 11:59 pm* on Monday March 25th 2013
  • $65 until 11:59 pm* on Monday May 27th 2013
  • $75 until 11:59 pm*on Monday June 24th 2013
  • $95 Walk UP at Packet Pick Up (Day Before) and On the Day of the Event

*Central Time

Medieval Rush Spectator Pass

$10 at the Gate (Cash Only) on the Day of the Event.

*Kids 10 and under are FREE!


As a Medieval spectator you get full access to Music all day/night, Food, Beer and a Medieval Time while you watch the mud fly and the runners getting Medieval dirty.  You also get full access to venders, Stone Throw, Medievalist Man, Team Tug O War, Tomato Toss, Photos with Knights plus Wenches, Entertainment and you get the Full Medieval Tournament of Knights (Live Medieval Combat). Good stuff for $10.  Bring extra cash for Beer, Food, Stone Throw, Tomato Toss and Medieval Swag.

Registration Deadline:

Monday June 24th at 11:59pm will be the ONLINE Registration Deadline.  If you are a major procrastinator you will be able to sign up at the packet pick up location (Day Before) or on the day of the event for $95 while supplies last. You should have signed up earlier.  Participants signing up after June 24th are not guaranteed a Medieval Participant Shirt or a Medieval Helmet.


Nope.  Sorry Medievals there are no refunds for the Run, Team Tug O War or Medievalist Man.  Hey! Go Medieval!!


This is a Timed Event, so you can win some coinage!

  • Best Run Time for Overall Male:  $250
  • Best Run Time for Overall Female: $250
  • Best Team Time Overall: $250
  • Best Medieval Costume Male
  • Best Medieval Costume Female

*FYI Winnings may be paid out in $1 dollar bills-You will have to win and see!

**If a winner is currently a high school or college athlete, they may defer their winnings to a foundation of their liking.

 Medieval Schedule:

*Central Time

  • 1:00 pm Gates Open for Sport, Food, Music all Day, Medieval Times and BEER
  • 2:00 pm Stone Throw and Tomato Toss Open (Men and Women)
  • 3:00 pm Opening Ceremony from Lancelot / Music by DJ Dan-New Generation
  • 3:30 pm First Wave Rushes the course
  • 4:00 pm Second Wave Rushes the course
  • 4:30 pm Third Wave Rushes the course
  • 5:00 pm Fourth Wave Rushes the course
  • 5:15 pm Medieval Team Tug Of War (Register Online, 8 Team Tourney)
  • 5:30 pm Fifth Wave Rushes the course
  • 6:00 pm Sixth Wave Rushes the course
  • *6:30 pm *Tournament of Knights (Live Full Medieval Combat)
  • 7:30 pm Medievalist Man Competition (Register Online, Individual 3 way Tug Of War Tourney 18 Men)
  • 8:00 pm Medieval Dance Party-Could be in Mud
  • 8:30pm Arm Wrestling Men and Women
  • 9:30 pm Medieval Ceremony Lancelot –Rewards
  • 10:35 pm Fireworks! Weather and County Permitting

*Note: The Live Medieval Combat will start at 6:30 pm watch and cheer for your favorite knight and win Medieval Prizes!!
*Medieval Rush does reserve the right to make any changes it feels fit*


It’s FREE.  When you get to the event location it will be quite obvious where to park and there will be Medievals there to help you.

Packet Pick Up:

Friday July 5th, 4pm to 8pm you can pick up your registration packet at Kupper Subaru 805 E Main St, Mandan, ND.  You will also be able to pick up your packet the day of the event at the Packet Pick Up tent before the festival entrance.   You will need your personal ID and fully completed-signed waiver form.  Medievals under the age of 18 must have a guardian sign off on waiver form.

Can I pick up my friend or family members Packet?

Yes, but you have to have these items:

  • The friend or family member’s photo ID.  Driver’s license is the best.
  • A letter from friend or family member stating you are picking up their Packet.  Signed.
  • A signed and dated copy of the participant waiver form  downloaded here.

What’s in your packet?

Your Medieval Number, pins for your number, Your Timer Chip, your Exclusive Medieval Rush T-Shirt, a FREE beer (for those of age) and your Medieval helmet.  Any bandannas purchased online must be picked up at the conquering grounds at the merchandise booth.

*Packets have will not be shipped to participants.

When should I get there the day of the event?

You should be at the Opening Ceremony!  If you cannot you should arrive at least 1 ½ hours before your race time.  There will be a lot of Medievals coming to the conquering grounds.  Remember your number, timer chip, change of clothes if you must, Extra Cash, Photo ID and your Medieval Ways!

 What about the Weather?

What about it?  What if it rains dragons and lizards?  The Rush will be muddier and so will the Medieval Mud Dance Party!  Hey! Go Medieval!!!

What Do I need to Bring?

  • Your Photo ID
  • Good footwear is recommended. You will get Medieval
  • Water bottle to refill
  • Cash
  • Extra Cash for Food, Beer, Stone Throw, Tomato Toss and Medieval Swag
  • Medieval Ways
  • A Costume would be good, preferable Medieval.
  • Friends to Party with and one who doesn’t party to drive you home

What NOT to Bring

  • No outside alcoholic beverages will be allowed. For Sure!
  • No real Medieval Weapons and/or firearms allowed.  Seriously.
  • No glass containers of any kind on the property.  Let’s be Safe and Medieval.

*These will be enforced by security*


What do I get?

  • One Medieval Beer*
  • An Official Medieval T-shirt
  • DJ for the day to Go Medieval
  • Medieval Experience
  • Medieval number
  • You could win $500
  • You get to be a good Medieval and help a Charity
  • Medieval Dance Party in Mud
  • Good times with Medieval Friends
  • Chance to prove you have what it takes to Go Medieval
  • Medieval Stories to Tell
  • Live Full Medieval Fights
  • A feeling of wanting more Medieval Action

*One beer is included for each participant who is of legal age to consume alcohol.
Be Medieval Smart – Please Do Not drink and drive.  Bring a Friend to drive you home.

Can I wear a crazy costume?

OHHH YEAHHH!  Preferably Medieval and as long as you are appropriately covered and it doesn’t injure any other Medievals

 Is This Medieval Rush Safe?

Participating in Medieval Rush and its events is a Risk, please participate at your own risk. There will be medical personnel on site and an ambulance in case of an emergency.  If you feel uncomfortable about an obstacle, simply walk around it, but you won’t be eligible to win the coinage.

Do I need to be in great Medieval shape to do this?

Medieval Rush is Fun but Challenging.  You don’t have to be in Medieval Elite Shape to do this.  Hey Go Medieval!!!!

Clean Up?  Do you really want to?

If you must, there will be an area to hose down to get the Mud and Medieval off.  Sorry, No Showers, just a hose down area.  You know…Medieval Style!

How do I become a Medieval Rush Volunteer?

Help is good.  Go Medieval with us as a Volunteer!  E-mail us your contact information and we will contact you 2 weeks prior to your area event.  You might even get to wear a costume.  No promises though.  INFO@MEDIEVALRUSH.COM

Party Medieval Style:

When the gates open there will be DJ, Food, Fun, Medieval Times and BEER later on the Tournament of Live Full Medieval Fights will begin.  Fully Enjoy this Festival!  With a DJ all night and closing ceremonies you will not want to go home.

Can I have a poster to hang up at my office/work/gym/bar/school?Back to Top

OHH YEAHH!  Download here Print it and put it up.

*Please be responsible and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE*


Medieval Rush is happy to announce some medieval savings on one of the area’s best Hotels. Comfort Inn is offering a discounted stay on July 5th & 6th just for Medieval Rush participants and fans. Enjoy $90 per night for either a room with (2) Double beds or (1) King. Plus it’s less than 5 miles from our event location.

The Comfort Inn features:

Morning free hot breakfast features: eggs, meat, yogurt, fresh fruit, cereal and more, including your choice of hot waffle flavors!

All guest rooms include coffee maker, hair dryers, irons, ironing boards and cable television. Enjoy relaxing in the indoor heated pool and hot tub. This pet-friendly hotel!

A variety of restaurants are located in the surrounding area; many are within walking distance. The hotel’s lounge and casino are open nightly and offer happy hour specials.

Contact the Comfort Inn today and request the “Rush Rate”.

Comfort Inn
1030 E. Interstate Ave.
Bismarck, ND, 58503

Run Sign Up Times:

It is the Medievals responsibility to know how to get your packet and time slot.

Medievals choose their time slot at the time of registration.  Time slots run every 30 min.

Medievals need to get to the starting line 15 minutes prior to your time slot.  Don’t be late!  We will put you in the Iron Maiden!  Not Really.

Rules and Safety of Medieval Rush and Festival:

  • Please read these rules.  They are intended to help make your day fun, entertaining and safe.  A person not following these rules will be asked to leave the venue.
  • Obstacles are hazardous and it is your medieval responsibility to walk around the obstacle if you do not feel comfortable.
  • Our course staff is at obstacles for your help and safety.
  • If you feel you are in danger or you are injured, it is up to you to contact one of our course staff for help.  Medieval Rush does reserve the right to remove any participant from the course at any time.
  • Any Medieval whom gets help at an obstacle is ineligible to win the coinage.
  • All people must follow all instructions (written or verbal) given from the race director, festival director, staff, volunteers and medical personnel.  People who disobey these instructions can be disqualified or removed.  This includes but is not limited to bad language, unsportsmanlike conduct, not having appropriate clothing or not being able to finish the run.
  • All people understand and acknowledge Medieval Rush and its Festival is an extreme event and you accept all risks associated with the event and Festival.  You must be physically able to compete and you accept all risks on the Festival grounds as well as on the course.
  • All people must be 14 years-old or older on race day in order to participate in the run.
  • All people participating in the other Festival Events must abide by the instructions and rules of that specific event.
  • All people must wear the provided Medieval number. No participant will be allowed to run without an official number.  Also your number is your ticket to get into the Festival, so you will need it to get in.
  • All people agree to allow the event producer to use any pictures or video footage of the event for use in the future.
  • A type of wheeled device including but not limited to: baby stroller, baby jogger, wheelchair, skates of any sort, bikes, scooters, are prohibited on the course.
  • Urinating or defecating on, in, near or around the mapped course is NOT allowed.
  • Registration is closed when the run or events are maxed out.
  • Once a runner completes the course, they may not go back on the course for any reason.
  • If a runner is found to be cutting the course short, they will be disqualified immediately and possibly be removed from the event grounds.
  • Nonparticipants are not allowed on the course and they are not allowed on any obstacle at any time.
  • Our medical team may examine any person who seems to be suffering or injured.  Medical staff may remove the person from the race, event or festival if they feel that person needs to be removed.
  • All People assume all responsibility for all medical expenses that incurred as a result of training and/or participating in Medieval Rush or its events, including but not limited to physician services, ambulance use and hospitalization.
  • Wear the appropriate footwear.  Your feet are precious.
  • All courses are subject to change due to circumstances beyond the control of the event producer.  This includes but is not limited to: dates, times, types of obstacles, locations, location changes and festival events.  In the event of severe weather (Act of God) or in the event of a disaster, the event producer reserves the right to cancel or delay the event and festival.
  • In regards to any modification to the event or festival it is the responsibility of the participant or spectator to understand these changes.

Our Charity:

Military Ovation
Standing in support of the North Dakota troops, veterans and their families! Contact Info@MilitaryOvation.org

Company Overview:
Military Ovation was founded on the philosophy of “Think Globally, Act Locally.” We firmly believe that as a nation, the best place to take care of our military, veterans and their families start in our own homes, backyards, neighborhoods and communities. Our efforts support the troops, veterans and families serving “IN” North Dakota or “FROM” North Dakota.