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We are the Largest and Longest Running Mud Run in North Dakota. . . Join Us!

What Is This?

Medieval Rush is an All-Terrain run that test your Guts, Glory, Honor and Medievalism.  The conquering ground is 5.1ish Kilometers with a grueling set of obstacles.  The Moat of Mud, Hells Fires, Castle Walls and Barbed Wire Frenzy are just a few.  Medieval Rush is a day full of entertainment where participants and spectators alike have a Medieval Time of Sport, Food, Music and BEER. For Ages 14 and up.

Tanner Schweitzer: Founder

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together! Welcome to RAW! Recreation. Athletic. Wellness. My name is Tanner Schweitzer, since my youth I have been involved with numerous recreational and athletic activities. These experiences have helped shape who I am and what I now do in helping others. More recently I have become involved in wellness; studying human behavior through recreation and athletics. As a competitor and coach at a collegent and professional level I have experienced many tyrumphs as well as defeats. As a Son, Brother, Husband and Father I Have experienced similar ups and downs in the game of Life! These experiences have helped me grow and better understand how to obtain success.


My mission is pure and simple, freedom from ourselves, to create CHAMPIONS, and bring them together! My goal is for every person I come in contact with to have a sense of belonging, along with a fresh perspective on their lives and the courage to embrace others. Lets get up, get going, grab each other’s hands and RUN! Be OPEN, HUMBLE, STRONG, COMPASSIONATE! Be CHAMPIONS! And GO MEDIEVAL!!!

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Tanner Bench

Tanner Bench

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